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Welcome to the Maltese Community Online Portal, we hope you enjoy your visit here and hope you will be a regular visitor to our site. We have received a few emails pointing out that many of the images in the gallery are not working, we are currently working on fixing these and will then start adding many more photographs we have built up. We are still working on the forums and will be putting them online in the next few weeks and we hope they will be as popular as ever. We would like to thank the many regular visitors to our site and for the many kind emails we receive from our visitors

Many other features will be introduced also more information on these will follow soon.

Please pass on our web site details to your friends, family and colleagues and lets make Maltese Community Online bigger and better than ever before. As always we welcome any6 feedback and ideas you may have so please do contact us we are here to help.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us by email and we will reply to you all.

**UPDATE Decemeber 2011**

Regards Carmen (Maltese Community Online - Co-Founder)

We have added links to two really fantastic photo galleries. You will find them under the New Links section.

We have also added a link to Shades and Moods - Cosmetics & Fragrances.
They sell Top Brand products at very low prices and are Maltese Owned based in the UK.
By entering the Code: 1STORDER10 they will give you 10% Discount of your whole order no matter how large or small.
Shades and Moods
More Resources you may be interested in:
Join Maltese and friends of Malta in various discussions about Malta and other hot topics. If you'd like to subscribe, please send a blank email to

Youtube Photo-Videos:
Malta is tiny but it's loaded with beauty, charm and history. Explore our country by viewing our photos videos. Photos are taken by my Malaysian wife, Choy Hong (Jasmine) Grech who is fascinated by the history of oucr country. Click here for the master link and then choose whichever video you'd like to view. Enjoy the trip: YouTube Videos
Malta, Gozo, Comino Photographs:
We are now on the hunt for as many Malta, Gozo and Comino photographs as possible as over the next few weeks if all goes well we will be adding several hundred pjotographs of the Maltese Islands to the site.

So if you have any photographs that you have taken and are able to share with us please forward them to us us in an email and we will put them on the site with a credit to you. Please include a little detail to where they are taken so we can let everyone know.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Maltese Community Online.
We are now offering a Prioity Listing Service to anyone with a website listed on our site. The costs are low and watch out in January 2008 for a very special offer to all who take up the promotion.
What is a Priority Listing?
Basicall if you do a check the category Computers and Software you will finda site listed at the very top very clearly different to the rest.

All sites in each category are limited to 2 sites per level and different levels are available. So if you want to make your site stand out from the rest this is for you.

Another feature we are now offering (Free of Charge) is a listing service for companies that DO NOT have a website. They may email their details to us and we will include them in the category of their choice at no cost more details will follow on this feature and many other features that will be arriving early 2008. So please stay tuned.
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